Bachelorette Party Fun

Of all the many rituals associated with marriage in general, none are quite light-hearted and whimsical as the bachelorette party. It is a time for you and your girls to get together one last time before you officially begin your new life with your partner as man and wife. There is music, dancing, fun party games and even gift giving as well. But today, I wanted to talk about one particular aspect of bachelorette parties: male strippers.

If you’ve ever been to a raunchier sort of bachelorette party, male strippers were almost certainly part of the program. But for a lot of women, male strippers almost feel taboo simply because it feels as if you are cheating on your fiancé, and right before you finally get married at that, which makes it seem totally worse.

But I’m here to tell you that such beliefs are ungrounded. The whole premise of “cheating with a male stripper” is set in the belief that you as a women should only have eyes for your boyfriend, fiancé or husband, and no one else. While should definitely be true in the emotional sense, that is not the case in the sense of physical attraction.

If it were, that would mean that I as a woman could not be physically attracted to Chris Hemsworth (which I totally am) or any other hot male celebrity, simply because doing so would mean I am unfaithful to my husband. But attraction, particularly in the physical and sexual nature, is uncontrollable and quite frankly something we all are guilty of, whether we can admit to it or not.

And it doesn’t just apply to celebrities either. If I see a handsome man while at the mall with my husband, I really cannot stop my sense of sexual arousal from cropping up. However, I can (and obviously should) keep from acting on such thoughts. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with the very thoughts themselves. In fact, my husband and I frequently ask each other about other people we see, asking if we think said person is hot, just out of curiosity.

So when it comes to a scripted stripper routine, where you are bombarded with objectively hot and toned shirtless men, what can you really do but be aroused? As long as you keep things only within the scope of the stripper routine, you are not cheating on your partner in the slightest.

Plus, having such a sexually arousing moment can actually be good for you in terms of your future marriage as well. Getting up close and personal to something so sexual (without actually acting upon it) can help you to get it out of your system once and for all, allowing you to focus only on your life partner moving forward.

Overall, having male strippers at your bachelorette party is truly harmless. The only people who should be afraid of having one at their own bachelorette party are those who would legitimately be afraid of passing the boundary of harmless fun to actual infidelity. But for most women who are completely in love with their fiancés, there is no real risk of any infidelity whatsoever. So if that describes you (and hopefully it does), then having a sexy male stripper at your bachelorette party is a perfectly harmless way to have a great time with your friends in a sexual context one final time!