Sex – The Later Years

By the time you’ve made it to your “later years” with your life partner, you admittedly have a lot more to be preoccupied with instead of sex. Things like your children, your grandchildren and your health all probably take precedent over the sexual fun time that used to be a big part of your lives. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be eliminating sex from your lives completely, especially considering how effective sex still is as a way to be intimate and keep your marriage going strong.

Until you are really approaching old age (think late sixties or later), sex should still definitely be a factor in your lives, although perhaps not every day as may have been the case when you were younger. However, on the contrary, for most couples, sex often starts to come to a standstill for one big reason, and that’s what I want to talk about here now.

The reason sex becomes less prominent as couples grow older is primarily due to the physically inability for the male partner to engage in sex. If you haven’t guessed already, what I am talking about here is erectile dysfunction. It afflicts plenty of men as they get older, so there is definitely a fairly good chance of it afflicting your partner as well.

Without being able to get an erection, it may seem like your sexual needs are at a standstill. However, there are plenty of other options available. For example, a perfectly viable (not to mention popular) option is over-the-counter medication to help your partner get a nice, hard erection. If you have money to spare, this is a great option.

Alternatively, if you or your partner do not want to deal with any potential adverse side-effects of medication, using a dildo or some other sex toy can really help fill that sexual void surprisingly well. You can either use it yourself, or even let your partner use it on you to keep the intimacy there (just with something other than his own genitalia penetrating you). And if all else fails, your man always has the option of just giving you oral sex and satisfying you sexually that way.

Overall though, it is absolutely essential for your man to fully understand that sex is (still) an important part of any relationship, let alone marriage. Sometimes, husbands do not want to go through the trouble of having sex once they’ve developed erectile dysfunction. But you must always remind them how important sex is to you personally, and how important it is for the strength of your marriage that you personally receive the attention that you need to be sexually satisfied.

Whether that be through his medicated penis, through the use of sex toys or just through straight up oral sex is up to him, but he needs to understand and make the proper effort to keep you satisfied. If not, all of that hard work the two of you have put in towards maintaining a strong and healthy marriage will go straight down the drain. So be sure that you and your partner are proactive with your sex lives in your later years, no matter what the circumstances, to keep that from ever happening.